• Starts functioning only when ambient light is below preset level.
  • Switches ON lights on sensing motion.
  • Keeps lights ON till the motion is detected.
  • Turns OFF the lights after the set time.


  • Saves 80-95% energy (depending upon usage).
  • ROI in 4 months (with 6 TL load) (conditions apply)
  • Security : Warn Intruders.
  • Models for all the applications : Indoor, Outdoor.
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions and better environment for us.
  • Easy to Install - Any electrician can install it.


  • Use with Tube lights, CFL, Incandescent Lamps, LED, Halogen.
  • Use in passages, parking, cabins, toilets, staircases, elevators, etc.
  • Use for gardens, factory surroundings etc.
  • Outdoor/Remote Security : Windmills, Cell Towers, Electrical Substations, Yards, Godowns (Models : LS603-3, LS604-3).
  • Models for all the applications : Indoor, Outdoor.