FAQ's on ecoLuz- Sensor Light Switch

Question: Once the light is switched ON for how much time it will remain ON?
Answer:As long as motion is being detected ecoLuz shall keep the lights ON. Once the motion stops it will wait for SET time-out period. Time-out period could be set from 23 seconds to 4 minutes. Request for higher or lower Time-out period can also be served for minimum quantity of 100 nos.
Question: Can this sensor be linked to anything other than a lamp? Something like an alarm?
Answer:Yes. You can connect either beeper or sounder or fans etc. Output Switch can handle any load upto 5Amp.
Question: What is the detection range?
Answer:ecoLuz is nearly 5 times more sensitive than available products in the market. It supports radius of 5 mtrs.
Question: Can sensitivity is SET as per the customer application?
Answer:Yes. Sometimes application needs to switch ON the lights with the slightest motion. For e.g in cabins once the person enters and takes his seat, motion of the person is minimal. However ecoLuz should keep the lights ON as long as cabin is occupied. This feature is not supported by many competitors.
Question: Could two units be wired in parallel so that if either is triggered, the lights would come ON?
Answer:Yes. Two units can be connected in parallel.
Question: Can it be used to switch ON and OFF a fluorescent light or Fan?
Answer:Fluorescent lights & fans are inductive loads. ecoLuz should be used for inductive loads upto 2.5Amp. For e.g you can connect about 12 40Watts Tubelights & about 3 to 4 fans.
Question: Is it possible to set the light level control so that the device operates throughout the day i.e during daylight as well as at night time?
Answer:Lux level at which sensor should start the operation can be SET from full day light to near darkness.
Question: How have you ensured the reliability & Quality of ecoLuz?
Answer:Our products are tested with Great detail and our product is manufacture with at most care and is tested regrasly before packing.
Question: Is the life fluorescent lamp reduced by frequent switching?
Answer:We recommends using electronic ballast for tubelights. This will not affect life due to frequent switching. With standard choke life may be reduced slightly as life mainly depends upon number of hours of operation.
Question: Is ecoLuz available in Wall-Mount Model?
Answer:Yes. We have an a two different models in this Wall-Mount category .
Question: Can you disable the Occupancy Sensor & switch ON lights permanently?
Answer:Yes. Using over-riding mode you can switch ON the lights permanently.
Question: Comparison between ecoLuz & other products?
ecoLuz Other Products
  • Range is 5 ` 8m radius
  • Operating Voltage 180`260v suitable for Indian conditions
  • Long relay life due to high quality relay and switching
    at zero crossing 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Range is 1 ` 2m radius
  • Low supply voltage range
  • Random switching hence low life
  • No manufacturer warranty